Leg it for learning


Leg it for Learning 2022 has BEGUN

We've travelled 1113 km so far, meaning we have 8887 km to go. Help us get as far as we can!

Whats it about?

CODEP is a small scale grassroots charity helping improve education for children and adults in Waterloo, Sierra Leone.

Our first big fundraiser of the year is Leg it For Learning - a challenge for everyone who takes part to cumulatively cover 10,000km (6,212 miles) over the space of three weeks in May - the distance from our library to London and back

This distance can be covered by any human-powered means - walking, cycling, rowing… however you prefer. What matters is everyone sets a goal that is challenging to them and raises money for CODEP while doing so. Which brings us on to our donation target, which we have set to £14,500. This is how much it costs to run the library for one year.

As we are a grassroots charity with all our UK members working as volunteers, every penny of money donated goes straight to supporting the learning centre in Sierra Leone. Visit www.codep.co.uk/liflbreakdown to learn more.

How does it work?
  • If you have not already, use the sign-up link below to pledge how far of our 10,000 kilometre (6,212 mile) target you want to challenge yourself to contribute to.
  • Once you have signed up, you will need to create a fundraising page on our platform, People’s Fundraising.
  • Tell everyone you know that you’re taking part and send round the fundraising page link.
  • Follow our Instagram page for regular event updates.
  • Our virtual starting gun will go off on the 6th May and then you have three weeks to complete your pledged distance. Join our strava group to add your distance to the grand total - the leaders in each category will be shouted out!
  • We will all cross the virtual finish line on 27th May. Allowing time to raise funds after the finish, we will host a celebratory drinks to finish on June 30th at 91-94 Lower Marsh.
Is there a fee for taking part?

No there is no fee, it’s a sponsorship-based challenge.

How much do I need to raise?

There is no minimum fundraising target, however the more the better!

Is there a minimum distance I have to run/walk/cycle?

We understand that everyone has different circumstances and different levels of ability. And clearly running 10k and cycling 10k are very different challenges in themselves! Therefore we want you to pledge to undertake a distance that is a personal challenge for you, that your friends and family will understand is something you are pushing yourself to achieve in order to help out CODEP. We appreciate every mile, kilometre and step taken!

I’m not a strong cyclist or runner, can I walk instead?

Again, we understand everyone has difference circumstances. You are welcome to walk, run, cycle, swim, kayak, pogo stick… any self-propelled means that suits you and helps us towards our target. (although we’d say taking a taxi is probably cheating and won’t get you much sponsorship).

Why 10,000km?

Last year, we set a target of 4,800km, the distance from our library in Waterloo, Sierra Leone, to Waterloo, London (where many of our trustees are based). Our participants nearly doubled this target, covering over 9000km, so this year we think we can make a return journey - let's see if we can make it 10,000!

Why £14,500?

This is how much it costs to pay our staff salaries for a year. To see a breakdown of this, see our website: www.codep.co.uk/liflbreakdown

I’d like to give regularly to CODEP, how can I do that?

You can donate directly to LIFL 2022 at out People’s Fundraising page here